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gig team with Scillies Trophy

Torrent team members with their first trophy: l to r Pete Feehan, Chris Ingram, Jack Penfound, Stuart Ellis (& Jude), Charlie Tippet, Ben Tippet, Jim Webster

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Despite global warming doing its best this winter to keep us off the sea circuit training has continued every Monday and Thursday evening. That said, since Christmas, we have been able to go out at least half a dozen times, launching from Rock to take advantage of more sheltered conditions. We canít wait for the warm summer evening launches from Boscastle, which we all enjoyed so much last year.

Meanwhile, thanks to the generous loan of a large dry barn, Torrent has been undergoing an overhaul. The summer took its toll with the odd scrape etc but thanks to a gentle rub down and paint and varnish, she is looking as good as new and now itís Rivalís turn!

As March arrives our thoughts are inevitably turning to the racing season and particularly the World Championship on the Scillies over the May Bank Holiday. Our rapidly growing membership means that we shall be taking both gigs and entering 6 crews, Menís A&B, Ladiesí A&B plus a Ladiesí & Menís Veterans crew. Whether our men will be able to match last yearís success will be a challenge, but having so many members racing and available throughout the season should help our build up towards the end of season County

Our third AGM was held on Friday, March 23rd at Boscastle Village Hall, when a new Executive Committee was elected:

Mike Stickney, Chairman/Communications; Peter Feehan, Vice Chairman/Menís Rowing Captain; Steve Higgins, Secretary/Membership; Maureen Connelly-Webster Treasurer; Jane Anderson, Health & Safety; Sarah Jones, Ladiesí Rowing Captain; Doug Halse, Equipment/Training; Jim Connelly-Webster, Welfare/Premises

Members present at the AGM voted to increase membership fees for 2007/8 to £30 for individual rowing members and £60 for Family membership, with all other fees remaining the same, however members renewing before 31st March 2007 will be charged at the 2006/7 levels.

Finally, thanks go to the following members who guided us through the difficult and formative years of the club: Chris Ingram, Charlie Tippett, David Wade, Andy Jones, Jack Penfound, Alan Zoeftig, Stephen Oliver.

Please call the rowing line on 0845 130 1008 to find out the latest rowing information or if cancelled beforehand www.boscastlegigclub.org.uk

 Contacts: Chris Ingram 230097; Pete Feehan 230335;
 Charlie Tippett 230338    email:

Our crew approaching the Houses of Parliament

Our crew approaching the Houses of Parliament

 The Boscastle Race
 On Sunday 9th October we hosted the first ever Boscastle Long Distance Gig Race to coincide with the Food and Arts Festival. It was planned to be a 2hr race from Port Gaverne to Boscastle, however the weather gods were not kind to us, and after we had an "exciting" time launching one of the safety RIBs in Boscastle harbour the decision was made to run the race from Port Gaverne, out to a mark off Port Quin, and back into Port Gaverne.
 Thirteen crews came from all over Cornwall, Devon & Dorset to compete, with Salcombe winning the Men's event in Cadmus, St Ives winning the Ladies event in Defiance, and Tamar & Tavy winning the Mixed event in Ginette, beating our crew who came in second.

 Race Results
 September and October were busy months, with a lot of competitive rowing taking place, brief results as follows: Trafalgar Great River Race 95th place out of 290 boats, in a time of 2hrs 39mins, 62nd fastest, and 12th fastest gig out of 28.
Men's County Championships - 41" out of 78 crews. Both are great results considering how long we have been up and running and the lack of available training nights at Port Isaac.

 Winter Circuit Training

photo from around 1890's showing gig in Boscastle harbour

photo from around 1890's showing gig in Boscastle harbour

Winter circuit training has started at the Crackington Haven Institute Hall on Monday evenings at 7pm sharp to help get us fitter for next season and the World Championships. Non-members are also welcome to come along and join in. Kelvin Turner, club member and professional fitness coach, is running the sessions. Just turn up with suitable clothes and footwear, a bottle of water, and either £2 if you are a club member or £3 if you aren't.
 The club now has a full range of club clothing for sale. The range includes toddler
T-shirts, a very nice short sleeved heavy cotton rugby shirt, fleeces, polo shirts, and waterproof hooded sailing tops. All the items are embroidered with the club logo and have been chosen with an eye for quality. If you would like to receive further details please contact Sue Stickney on 01840 261080 - they will make the ideal Christmas present.
 Finally the Annual General Meeting will be held in Boscastle Village Hall at 7 pm on
Wednesday 8th February. Details of this and general information about the club and other forthcoming events can be found at our website  Chris Ingram ~ Autumn 2005 Boscastle Blowhole Page 27.  All Welcome

Gig Launch from Boscastle Harbour

Gig Launch from Boscastle Harbour
photo Myrna Lester

Somewhere to keep it
The next challenge to overcome is where to store all of this, and hopefully by the delivery date of the gig the various bodies involved in determining what happens in and around the harbour will have agreed on a suitable location with easy access to the slip way and the sea, after all there is little point in having the equipment stored miles inland where it becomes a major undertaking to get the gig to the sea.
So far the National Trust have been forthcoming with ideas, and NCDC Planning Dept, the Parish Council and the Environment Agency have been very helpful, so lets hope this continues when drawn plans are submitted so that the club gets the chance to flourish and fulfil its potential.


Rowing Training
With the nights drawing in, rowing ceases from Port Isaac on Wednesday and Monday nights, and instead (subject to final confirmation) will take place from Port Isaac on Saturday Mornings. For up-to-date information about this call our new Rowing Line on 0845 130 1008 (recorded message - local call rate) or visit the new website at www.boscastlegigclub.org.uk

Plan of gig for the uninitiated

Plan of gig for the uninitiated


Chris Ingram Chairman.

If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Chris Ingram, Chairman, tel: 01840 230097


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